Tokyo Staycation: The Best Summer 2020 Campaigns

Tokyo Staycation Edit: The Best 2020 Summer Campaigns - Hotel ANA Intercontinental

As borders continue to be shut for the majority of the world due to the coronavirus, staycations are predicted to rise in popularity in the coming months. In response to this, a number of Tokyo’s best and most luxurious hotels have set up exciting staycation deals that offer a number of services, alongside their gorgeous rooms and dining plans, with safe and clean infection prevention set in place.

Staycations usually involve visiting local tourist sites or engaging in fun activities such as rock climbing, paintball, hiking or visiting museums. The best part about a Tokyo Staycation is the fact that it’s in Tokyo! Tokyo is a city continuously listed as one of the top travel destinations in the world. For those of us who live here, a majority have probably been to the top sightseeing locations, but many have unlikely stayed in one of the must-visit hotels that are often an overlooked locale.

Here are some great Staycation deals on offer from Tokyo’s best hotels:

ANA InterContinental’s 1.5-Day Luxury Stay

ANA InterContinental mirrors the rich diversity of Tokyo. The dynamic buzz of the lobby calls to mind some of Tokyo’s famous street scenes. For their staycation deal, they are offering a nice long 32-hour stay with a free breakfast for an affordable rate. Plus, you’ll get to take home a special restaurant voucher to use when you next visit the hotel. ANA InterContinental Tokyo is located in Akasaka, making it a great location in the heart of the city to visit Tokyo classics such as the Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, and the National Diet Building, the seat of the Japanese government.

Campaign offers:

  • Free breakfast for two
  • 32-hour stay (check-in 10 am check-out 6 pm)
  • A restaurant voucher you can use during your next stay. …continue reading