Entertainment | Feb 09

'One Piece' Episode 1093 Ignites Battle Between Blackbeard and Law

TOKYO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - On February 11th (Sunday) at 9:30 AM, the highly anticipated episode 1093 of the anime "One Piece," titled "Winner Takes All! Law VS Blackbeard!" will air.

In the New World, on "Winner Island," Blackbeard and Law clash fiercely! Blackbeard, who has been turning his crewmates into ability users by hunting Devil Fruits, has launched a surprise attack on Law in pursuit of the Road Poneglyph. The Heart Pirates, caught off guard by the dangerous abilities of the executives of the Blackbeard Pirates, stand up to fight. An uncompromising battle for the Road Poneglyph now erupts. Who will have the last laugh?!

Source: Dengeki

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