Entertainment | Feb 11

The Reincarnated Young Lady Marries the Notorious Viscount

TOKYO, Feb 11 (News On Japan) - KADOKAWA BOOKS has released "The Reincarnated Young Lady and the Infamous Viscount". Grace, the head of a viscount family who had given up on marriage to focus on restoring her territory, receives a marriage proposal from a count who is the talk of the town!? A contract marriage for the development of the frontier... right?

Wait a minute!? Reincarnated as a viscount's daughter and becoming the head of the family in place of her father, Grace has worked tirelessly to rebuild her territory despite being saddled with a bad reputation. Having resigned herself to a life without marriage due to a past filled with unjust broken engagements, she is suddenly proposed to by a count who is the subject of much gossip...!?

(Author: Ryo Midorigawa / Illustration: Murasaki Shidou)

Source: Dengeki

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