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Rising Stars Line Up in Exclusive Photo Shoot

TOKYO, Feb 16 (News On Japan) - The 47th Japan Academy Prize Association has unveiled the main visual for "NEW CINEMA FACE 2024," a special feature showcasing the winners of the Newcomer of the Year Award. The recipients of the Newcomer of the Year Award include AiNA THE END, Ichikawa Somegoro, Nanoka Hara, Soya Kurokawa, Hiiragi Yota, Fukuhara Haruka, Takahashi Fumiya, and Hiyori Sakurada.

The visual will be displayed at MIYASHITA PARK in Tokyo from February 23 to March 15. Off-shots and videos from the photoshoot can be checked out on the official Japan Academy Prize Twitter account (@japanacademy). Making-of and interview videos will be available on the special website for "NEW CINEMA FACE 2024." Comments from the awardees, expressing what "movies" mean to them and their visions for themselves in 10 to 20 years, are published below.

The 47th Japan Academy Prize ceremony will be held on March 8 at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo.

AiNA THE END (from "Kyrie's Song") commented on her experience with filming movies, saying, "During the shooting, I realized that there are hundreds of staff members working behind the cast. It made me appreciate that it's not just the actors who are amazing, but these people who support us. Thanks to them, I can focus solely on my acting and singing." She added that in the future, she wants to teach the next generation with love, passing on what she has learned.

Hiyori Sakurada (from "Exchange Diary") finds the charm of movies in their ability to resonate with both the audience and creators through laughter and tears. She loves movies and considers them an integral part of her life, hoping they are as important to others. As for the future, she wishes to continue acting and gradually become a more mature version of herself.

Nanoka Hara (from "Don't Call It Mystery") sees movies as a benefactor, with the power to influence people's lives and perspectives. She feels a sense of fear and responsibility because the films might affect viewers' futures. Nohara aspires to be flexible and open to advice as she grows older, even though she doesn't have a specific goal in mind.

Fukuhara Haruka (from "If We Could Meet Again on the Hill Where the Flowers Bloom") describes movies as places that allow her to immerse herself in different worlds and confront her own identity. She hopes to be involved in various projects in the future and dreams of returning to the stage of the Japan Academy Prize.

Ichikawa Somegoro (from "Legend & Butterfly") emphasizes the importance of conveying depth and passion through the flat screen of movies, especially coming from a theatrical background. He aims to cherish the feelings of the moment and to pour enthusiasm into every encounter and work, connecting the past and future through his efforts.

Soya Kurokawa (from "Monster") reflects on the timeless nature of movies and the messages he received from international audiences at the Cannes Film Festival, realizing the universal power of film. He can't imagine his future but wants to be kind and reliable, both depending on others and being someone they can depend on.

Takahashi Fumiya (from "Exchange Diary") loves the undistracted time of watching movies in theaters and is grateful to be part of that screen. He shoots every day with the hope of creating films that inspire people to step into the cinema. His goal for the future is to be an actor who is considered essential and reliable.

Hiiragi Yota (from "Monster") still feels more like a moviegoer, enjoying the excitement, laughter, and tears that films bring. He can't fully imagine his future yet but wants to be kind like the seniors he has met and to play a variety of roles, both good and bad.

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