Politics | Feb 21

Experts Compile a Draft Report on the Revision of the Adult Guardianship System

TOKYO, Feb 21 (News On Japan) - A panel of experts has compiled a draft report outlining key issues for the revision of the adult guardianship system, which is designed to manage the property and affairs of individuals with dementia and other conditions on their behalf.

The current system allows lawyers, social workers, and other third parties to act as guardians for those who are unable to manage their own assets. However, there have been criticisms regarding the system's inflexibility, as once a guardianship is established, it is generally irreversible, and the replacement of a guardian is not easily accomplished.

In response to these concerns, the study group, composed of university professors and other knowledgeable individuals, has prepared a draft report that suggests several areas for consideration. These include revising the rule that guardianship cannot be terminated once appointed, proposing that it should be possible to end the arrangement once the issues requiring guardianship, such as inheritance matters, have been resolved. The report also suggests allowing the use of guardianship for a fixed term.

Furthermore, the draft highlights the need for a mechanism that would enable the substitution of guardians according to the changing circumstances of the person under guardianship, ensuring they receive appropriate protection. It also raises the possibility of standardizing the remuneration paid to guardians.

The study group plans to finalize the report in a meeting scheduled for the 22nd and aims to submit it to a subcommittee of the Legislative Council as early as April of this year. The proposed revisions are part of an effort to make the adult guardianship system more user-friendly and accessible to those in need.

Source: NHK

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