Politics | Feb 24

Former PM Celebrates 100th Birthday

TOKYO, Feb 24 (News On Japan) - Former Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama, who was born in Oita Prefecture and served as the 81st Prime Minister in 1994, will celebrate his 100th birthday on the 3rd of next month.

On the 23rd, four people, including Meiji University alumni Mr. Kitaono, visited Murayama's home in Oita City to celebrate his 100th birthday.

"You have 100 years of newspapers since your father was born."

Former Prime Minister Murayama: "That's amazing."

He was presented with 100 years' worth of newspaper articles dated on his birthday. Former Prime Minister Murayama read them eagerly.

Chairman of the Meiji University Alumni Association, Mr. Kitaono: "His back isn't bent, and though his hearing is failing, I'm relieved to see him so healthy."

After the visit, former Prime Minister Murayama bid farewell to his visiting juniors with a smile.

Source: NNN

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