Society | Feb 27

Kabukicho Host Clubs Violating Tokyo Rules

TOKYO, Feb 27 (News On Japan) - Dozens of host club signs installed in Tokyo's Kabukicho district have been found to be in violation of metropolitan ordinances, including lacking the necessary installation applications, according to interviews with relevant parties.

Many signs feature photos of top-selling hosts, and there have been cases where hosts encourage customers to place expensive orders with the goal of appearing on these signs. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in collaboration with Shinjuku Ward, has decided to take action and provide guidance.

In Kabukicho's host clubs, there have been issues with troubles arising from "accounts receivable," where hosts cover high-priced food and drink bills for customers. The Metropolitan Police Department is cracking down on malicious cases and conducting inspections of the clubs to understand their business practices. Upon investigating the outdoor signs of host clubs in Kabukicho, the police and others found dozens of cases where the necessary installation applications were missing or the signs exceeded the allowable size on the building walls, in violation of metropolitan ordinances.

According to insiders, it is common for the photos of hosts with the highest sales to be used on these signs, and there have been instances where hosts incite customers to place expensive orders with the aim of getting featured on the signs, leading to trouble. The Metropolitan Police Department, in cooperation with Shinjuku Ward, is set to start instructing the involved establishments, asking the business owners for voluntary improvements in cases where violations have been confirmed.

Source: NHK


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