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6 Japanese Books to Enjoy This Summer

6 Japanese Books for Summer

Visions of summer holidays often include a beach, a book, and a cocktail, but even if your summer vacation is still a long way ahead, there’s always room for a great Japanese read or two. Whether you want inspiration for new things to do in Tokyo, or want to be captivated by a romance or fantasy tale, there’s something for everyone on this list of Japanese summer reads.

1. The Bells of Old Tokyo by Anna Sherman

6 Japanese Books for Summer Bells of Old Tokyo

If you love Japanese culture and are itching to discover new things, then this is the book for you! Good travel writing is often hard to come by—it’s a delicate balance of bringing a destination to life while also informing of its noteworthy aspects, but Anna Sherman does so flawlessly in The Bells of Tokyo. Sherman begins her personal tale searching for the bells of Edo and on the way, she develops new friendships with local Japanese people, such as the cafe owner who considers coffee as an art-form. It’s a vibrant yet calm account of Tokyo and its secrets, and provides to us a readable approach to what could be considered a dry topic.

2. Automatic Eve by Rokuro Inui

6 Japanese Books for Summer Automatic Eve

Automatic Eve is an explosive book that’s perfect if you like science-fiction mixed with a touch of Edo Japan. A political fantasy in the same realm as Game of Thrones, this book offers a unique perspective of a world where the line of succession is purely female. This world is thrown into upheaval …continue reading


Post-Apocalyptic Illustrations of Tokyo in Ruins

Stories about the collapse of civilization and order—apocalyptic stories—endlessly seduce us. As terrifying as the real thing would surely be, we love imagining our world destroyed. And Japanese illustrator Tokyo Genso excels at painting that picture for us. He creates lush CG illustrations of notable Tokyo landmarks that are in ruins and, in many cases, […]

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Posters for the Chinese Theatrical Release of Spirited Away

Eighteen years after the release of Spirited Away in Japan, China is getting an official theatrical release next week. And just as he did with the release of My Neighbor Totoro late last year, Chinese designer Huang Hai has worked his magic once again, creating a series of absolutely breathtaking posters that make us want […]

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