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A Forgotten Secret to Enjoying Life

Gintama quote about the inner child

I started playing Dragon Quest VIII recently and my mind went “Oh, hey. Now I’ll get those Gintama jokes about the series.” And then I read something about why children should be allowed to wonder. And then I remember this quote above.

One of the things I hate about being an adult is all the self-doubt being pushed onto you in order to make sure you’re “competitive” enough to be qualified in the eyes of many. While I’m glad that I can take responsibility for some things as an adult, there’s stuff I realized over time. You know what’s great about being a child? You ask a lot of questions about how/why/what. I don’t think we appreciate that at all. As adults, we get told not to ask too many questions because things have to be a certain way for the world to work. I remember one financial investment commercial featuring a father and a son. The father was talking about making plans that sound like full of risk and the son asks why. The father gave some reasons and the child drops a question bomb that makes the father begin to second-guess his financial planning.

To this day, I still ask a lot of questions about life because of what I’ve been through, the experiences I hear from others, etc. Although I’m considered old, I hold onto the child inside me very much. That’s how I’ve been able to cope despite my circumstances. I’m so glad I didn’t forsake my own innocence to become a complete cynic. It’s so easy to fall down that path and children are forced to relinquish their innocence when they get groomed into the adult collective. We’re all still children deep down inside, but with a ton of responsibilities that we’re not …continue reading


Some Thoughts on Fan Drama

About a decade ago, when I cosplayed for the first time, I remember staying up late at an anime convention due to a friend attending a cosplay masquerade. It was cool at first, but then I heard rumblings about judges giving preferential treatment to certain contestants. There was kind of a bad vibe after the event as I talked to some of the attendees and confirmed things seemed off. That was my first instance of “cosplay drama” as I heard there were some arguments between notable members of the cosplay scene that infiltrated the masquerade.

On that note, I want to talk about drama and perhaps how to handle it responsibly due to how quickly things spread.

I’ve been thinking about drama after listening to a couple of mental health advocates discuss dating someone with bipolar disorder. They received a letter from a woman who said her boyfriend has it and he doesn’t seem to want to take initiative in managing the symptoms. One of them said it’s not the greatest of ideas despite their past experience of dating a person with bipolar disorder. There has to be a lot of careful thought put into the relationship. While it’s fair to note that someone with mental illness can’t control their illness, they still need to responsible about how to live with their condition.

The advocate then talked about the “exciting” drama of being a caretaker – they said how addicting it is to help someone in need. Every day feels exciting. That kind of relationship never gets dull due to all the variables that make someone with a health condition the way they are. There’s a perception that you’re doing something important for someone, but it comes out to be nothing more than enabling someone to take …continue reading


Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta Episode 12 Final Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Katarina and her friends talk with Sirius. Later, she faces her possible doom ending.

Wow, the finale is awesome. It was nice to see Katarina convince Sirius to turn back to the good side and along Sirius’ dark past. Also, the “doom ending” is very hilarious because Katarina’s dense or obvious point towards her friends. Other than that, I really liked how Maria only got attracted to our female lead. Since they announced second season after the credits, I’ll be really looking forward to it because this series was enjoyable to watch to the end. Overall, awesome finale and hilarious doom ending. …continue reading