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ageHa Summer 2020 Opening Party Day2

The second day of ageHa Summer is a daytime party where minors and children can participate!

Comfortable House music party in the water area,
“Yellow coke design club” whom produces various events and clubs, they will make ta party in the PARK area where lawn and sandy beach.

Food booth and special drinks is available.
You can enjoy the party with confidence in your family!

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ageHa Summer 2020 Opening Party Day1 Supported by MAISON MUMM

ageHa starts 2020 Summer from 18th July (Sat)!
Summer party will be held in the proud pool area.

The water are with pool will be Trance party, you can enjoy elegant and comfortable music on the grass area where supported by the popular “G.H.MUMM” champagne.

We are looking forward to meeting you again for the first time in 5 months!

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Tanabata: The Most Romantic Night In Japan


Tanabata is one of the most famous summer festivals in Japan—usually celebrated on July 7—literally means the “seventh night.” Known as the Star Festival, it is one of the many Japanese festivals originating from China and has been celebrated in Japan since the 700s.

Though there are a few variations about the origins of Tanabata, all revolve around two lovers who have to cross the Milky Way to be with each other only for one single night each year.

Tanabata: The Most Romantic Night In Japan - Wishes written on tanzaku

A Legend of Eternal Love & Patience

The legend goes that Orihime (a weaving princess) and Hikoboshi (a cowherd), met and fell truly, madly, deeply in love with each other, and eventually tied the knot. But, love—being the only thing on their minds—shifted their attention from work to each other, making them—in the eyes of others—lazy and demotivated. Orihime’s father, the king of the Heavens, furious at their negligence of other important affairs separated them, sending the two to opposite sides of the Milky Way. Orihime became the star Vega and Hikoboshi, the star Altair.

Heartbroken Orihime cried her heart out day and night—which didn’t help much in getting her back on track, as her father had hoped. Moved by Orihime’s tears, the king agreed to allow the couple to meet only once a year—on July 7. And that is how Tanabata was born.

Tanabata: The Most Romantic Night In Japan - Tanabata Sweets

Tanabata Celebrations & Festivals

Japanese celebrate Tanabata around July 7 by writing their wishes on colorful pieces of paper—tanzaku—and hanging them …continue reading


This Week(End) At Home And Around Tokyo For July 11-12


Umbrella Corridor

Metsa Umbrella Sky Design Project

Metsa in Hanno, Saitama has a new exhibition area with Japan’s largest umbrella corridor. Approximately 2000 colorful umbrellas will be stretched across the path extending over to the Moomin Valley Park. Metsa is a lakeside forest facility with Nordic influence that is made up of two areas: the Metsa Village, a shopping and restaurant complex with an outdoor area with canoeing and adventure ropes, and the Moomin Valley Park, the home of the famed adorable troll family.




1 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.



Cool And Healing

Exhibition: Dancing Goldfish 2020

Goldfish have long been familiar to the common people since the Edo period as one of the cooling symbols of summer in Japan. This exhibition will focus on the color and shape of goldfish, and the unique behavior of the tail fins that make them look like they are dancing elegantly in the water. The works of aesthetic fish imagery and illustrations will not only capture the beauty of summer but also cool us down during the hot and humid weather.

11 A.M.-7 P.M.
TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO, 5-27-6 ASAKUSABASHI, TAITO CITY, TOKYO – to get it listed! …continue reading



After the spread of COVID19, we musicians lost the place to perform and express ourselves. This made us realize how much we had been blessed.
We are truly grateful for this new environment and looking forward to bring various music to you through online streaming!

[Artists at Creciente]
Vl Risa Yoshitaka, Vc Hiroko Yamanashi, Pf Yuri Muroi

Towards Tommorow / kiroro
We’re all alone / Boz Scaggs
Departurefrom Kiki’s Delivery Service / Joe Hisaishi
Can’t take my eyes off of you / Bob Gaudio, Bob Crewe
Tout,Tout Pour Ma Cherie / Michel Polnareff
To love you more / Foser David Walter

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