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AMAZING Tokyo Duck Ramen at Fukumaru

Tokyo Duck Ramen Fukumaru - Shoyu

For syrupy delicious Tokyo duck ramen, look no further than Menya Fukumaru (麺屋福丸). Take your pick of light or creamy duck ramen – both are excellent.

Tokyo Duck Ramen – Light Shoyu

Fukumaru flawlessly uses duck from Yamgata in its soup. The lighter duck ramen is held up by a fairly salty and sweet soy sauce. This isn’t just any soy sauce – it’s Kikkogo Marudaisen soy sauce.

Shoyu Ramen Special: ¥1,000

It flows beautifully with their in-house made duck oil. It’s all wonderfully syrupy.

The Saitama-made noodles are relatively soft. The “special” toppings include two slices of duck breast with that familiar livery duck taste.

Tokyo Duck Ramen Fukumaru - Noodles

The chicken breast slice is on the firmer side and the chashu pork slice is softer and more peppery. In short, it’s an impressive showcase of meats.

Tokyo Duck Ramen Fukumaru - Shoyu II

Creamier with Chicken Bones

Their richer, creamier duck ramen is equally impressive. There’s yuzu citrus on top to help cut through that creaminess. They serve spicy miso on the side for the same purpose.

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Okachimachi Ramen – Creamy Tanmen at Tomishiro

Okachimachi Ramen - Tomishiro

For Okachimachi ramen, Tomishiro (富白) calls the shots! In their signature tanmen, a creamy chicken broth holds up smoky a mountain of vegetables.

Finest Okachimachi Ramen

Tomishiro’s tanmen is seasoned with shio (salt). It’s creamier and more garlicky than most tanmen. It’s almost as creamy as another ramen dish, Nagasaki champon.

Spicy “Tori Shio Tanmen”: ¥780

The tanmen comes out piping hot. The crunchy stir-fried cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts and wood ear mushrooms all vy for your attention.

Okachimachi Ramen - Tomishiro Noodles
Thick, wavy noodles from Asakusa Kaikaro

Furthermore, you can add chili oil. The striking red color takes over a corner of the bowl and contrasts with the milky broth. In addition, topping up with your bowl with pork chashu slices only costs ¥110 (for ¥890).

Local Vibes

It doesn’t get more local than Tomishiro. I mean that in a good way.

Okachimachi Ramen - Tomishiro Inside

It’s a friendly husband and wife team that brings delicious tanmen to the Okachimachi masses.

Okachimachi Ramen - Tomishiro Outside

For Okachimachi ramen, make it a Tomishiro time.

Shop Hours: 11:30 am ~ 3 pm (closed on Sundays)

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