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Tweet of the Week #88: Shooting Star Light’s Up Tokyo Before Crashing With a Bang

Source: Gaijin Pot

Tokyoites were in for quite a scare early Thursday when a shooting star lit up the sky across the Kanto region before crashing with a very loud bank around 2:32 a.m.

We have to thank famous digital artist Kagaya Yutaka for catching this beautiful video of the meteor flying from west to east, illuminating the clouds with a blue-green light, brighter than the moon itself. Particularly fond of astronomy, his most famous artworks focus on exploring the sky and far away galaxies, so he always records the starry sky from his balcony.


— KAGAYA (@KAGAYA_11949) July 1, 2020



“On July 2, 2020, at 2:32, a very large fireball (probably a bright meteor) flew from west to east. A few minutes later, I heard a roar that could be heard indoors, which may be relevant. The video plays at the actual speed. It was taken from my balcony.”

A lot of people reported hearing a loud explosion on social media, wondering if there was thunder or possibly their neighbors. Some residents, spooked by the explosion sound which had their windows shaking, made emergency phone calls to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

One year ago, another meteor flew above Japan early in the morning and hit the Earth in a loud bang that woke up folks in Kagawa Prefecture. The fireball was spotted from Shikoku, Chugoku, and Kansai.


— 深倉かんな (@my_rcw) July 1, 2020






“One year ago, a similar event happened.




This year’s fireball, estimated to be less than one meter in diameter, is believed to have been a fragment of a larger shooting star. But Twitter peeps were quick to bring up theories of their own.


— 植物に詳しいわけでないトランクス (@miraiseinen) July 1, …continue reading


Hyper-surveillance under COVID-19

Australian Minister for Health Greg Hunt speaks during a press conference to launch the new government app "CovidSafe" at Parliament House, Canberra, Australia.

Authors: Tamara Nair and Alan Chong, Singapore

As historians of medicine, medical professionals and the renowned critic of modernity Michel Foucault have put it, modern medicine cannot be practiced without mechanisms of surveillance. Modern medicine requires the surveillance of a large concentration of patients so that, with careful nurturing, their self-regulated behaviour begins to model the intentions of authorities.

This characterisation is not far off from the push we are now witnessing from governments with respect to surveillance and its applications during COVID-19.

This is not to undermine the earnest and life-affirming work of medical professionals worldwide. But it is important that the general public becomes aware of the implications of the intrusive climate of hyper-surveillance that is advancing stealthily in the name of tackling a global emergency.

To date, this climate has three aspects: contact tracing, electronic surveillance and an incipient fellowship among infected persons. This ultimately leaves us in a Catch-22.

One of the most important tools in the public health fight against contagious diseases is contact tracing. In the name of protecting people’s wellbeing, such techniques have gone largely unquestioned. Just in the last three months, the internet research firm Top10VPN has recorded new digital tracking measures in 19 countries and advanced physical surveillance techniques in four.

Digital surveillance is its own kind of ‘pandemic’, a pandemic of exaggerated global surveillance through a device that almost everyone has on their person — the smartphone. Countries such as India, Poland, Russia, Singapore and Israel are employing forms of digital tracking for contact tracing. Many other countries, including liberal states like France, Germany and …continue reading


Google アシスタントにお話を聞かせてくれる新機能が登場

Google アシスタントにお話を聞かせてくれる新機能が登場しました。「OK Google, お話を聞かせて」と話しかけると、スマートフォンや Google アシスタント対応のスマートスピーカーおよびスマートディスプレイで 30 以上のお話が聞けます。幼い頃に聞いた懐かしい童話や、大好きなポケモンの冒険活劇を、Google アシスタントと一緒に楽しんでみませんか?

今回 Google アシスタントで聞けるようになったお話には、株式会社ポケモンからピカチュウやゼニガメが登場するポケモンだいすき絵本の「さかさまの森」(クリーチャーズ 著)や、株式会社講談社から児童文学の代表作「手ぶくろを買いに」(新美南吉 著)などが含まれています。「OK Google, お話を聞かせてせて」以外にも、例えばポケモンのお話が聞きたい場合は「OK Google, ポケモンのお話を聞かせて」と話しかけて聞くこともできます。これらのお話を聞くには、Android または iOS にて Google Play ブックスの最新バージョンをインストールする必要があります。


  • 飴だま        (新美南吉)
  • いちょうの実     (宮沢賢治)
  • イワンコとおんなのこ (ポケモンだいすき絵本)
  • 王様の背中      (内田百閒)
  • 大きなこうもりがさ  (竹久夢二)
  • おきなぐさ      (宮沢賢治)
  • 気のいい火山弾    (宮沢賢治)
  • 久助くんの話     (新美南吉)
  • くもの糸       (芥川龍之介)
  • ごんぎつね      (新美南吉)
  • さかさまのもり    (ポケモンだいすき絵本)
  • ざしき童子のはなし  (宮沢賢治)
  • 仙人         (芥川龍之介)
  • ツェねずみ      (宮沢賢治)
  • 月夜のけだもの     (宮沢賢治)
  • 月夜のでんしんばしら (宮沢賢治)
  • でたらめ経      (宇野浩二)
  • 手ぶくろを買いに   (新美南吉)
  • てんぐわらい     (豊島与志雄)
  • 鳥箱先生とフウねずみ (宮沢賢治)
  • ながれぼしのよる   (ポケモンだいすき絵本)
  • ノコッチのおにごっこ (ポケモンだいすき絵本)
  • ふくろうの大旅行   (林芙美子)
  • ふしぎなくつした   (ポケモンだいすき絵本)
  • ふしぎなたいこ    (ポケモンだいすき絵本 )
  • 二人の兄弟      (島崎藤村)
  • ふるさと(抄)    (島崎藤村)
  • ほととぎす笛     (与謝野晶子)
  • 祭の晩        (宮沢賢治)
  • まなづるとダァリア  (宮沢賢治)
  • やまなし       (宮沢賢治)

Google アシスタントでは、本日ご紹介しているお話を楽しむ機能以外にも、毎日の調理に便利なレシピ検索やタイマーの設定、リラックスできる音楽やラジオなど、ご家族で便利にお使い頂ける様々な機能があります。以下にいくつかをご紹介しますので、ぜひお試しください。

「OK Google, かんたんレシピ教えて」
「OK Google, パスタのタイマーを 9 分にセットして」
「OK Google, 海の音を聞かせて」
「OK Google, 〇〇ラジオをかけて」
「OK Google, ニュースを再生して」
「OK Google, 筋トレくんと話したい」
「OK Google, YouTube でヨガの動画を再生して」
「OK Google, 毎日 17 時にストレッチとリマインドして」
「OK Google, ディズニーの絵本を読んで」

Google アシスタントでみなさんの毎日がもっと楽しくなると幸いです。

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