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Arita Toki Ichi (Arita Porcelain Market) 2020

Way of Mr. pilgrims from whom Arita comes to Kurokamiyama in Kobodaishi Hirakiyama the past.
A potter and merchant’s people put odds and ends and unplaced items in a basket and a box and sold it for Mr. pilgrim.
It’s small, but it’s the landscape which also leads to the pottery city now.
In 1896, a chinaware show was opened by Teiichi Tashiro’s sponsorship with Eizaemon Fukagawa. After that the clearance sale big sales which started to be held simultaneously with this show is starting in the pottery city.
A store equals over a town of one yen in whole session on April 29-May 5, and Sato of a quiet jealous thing also always prospers greatly at this time.
A crowd, centering on Kyushu, from the whole country, about 1,000,000 people. Inexpensiveness of the china product, abundance and the peculiar energy invite many people to Arita every year.

※Video is a thing of the past.

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Thrift Like a Local: The Tokyo West Edition

Thrifting in Tokyo West Edition

It is hard to believe that our purchase decisions matter when we consider the enormity of the fashion industry. The rise of fast fashion clothing has altered clothes from being valuable possessions to disposable items, drawing us in tons of clothes we sometimes never use.

Fortunately over the past years we, as consumers, have become increasingly conscious about our purchases. May it be Tokyo or elsewhere, eco-friendly clothing such as thrifting has become crucial to the future of fashion and does not have to break your wallet or style.

The rise of thrifting culture in Japan

In Japan the change of consumer behavior is predominantly seen among the younger generation, said Taku Sawad, a board member of Treasure Factory Co.—major second-hand clothing and accessories chain in Japan. According to NHK, there is a shift in the Japanese consumer market and 49% of the younger generation prefer to buy second-hand instead of brand new items.

Mobile marketplaces such as Mercari are slowly transforming Japan’s thrifting culture, with 10.3 million users declared in Japan alone. However, it doesn’t stop there, e-commerce giant Rakuten launched its second-hand market app called Rakuma.

On the business side of things, Reuse business journal announced that second-hand sales as a business module in Japan had a market worth of ¥1.6 trillion in 2015. Moreover, Business of Fashion (BoF) reported that Japanese second-hand clothes and accessories market shares are valued at ¥483.5 billion ($4.59 billion) in 2017, showing no signs of slowing down.

Transition to an eco-friendly price tag

But how can you make the shift to a more sustainable wardrobe without breaking your wallet?

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Top 5 Japanese Beauty Products To Save Your Skin From Wearing A Mask All-Day

Skincare Wearing Mask

Did you know that wearing a mask for a long period of time can be very damaging to the skin? Wearing one should definitely involve an upgrade in your skincare routine!

If you think about it, wearing a tight mask all day long doesn’t give your skin much room to breathe and wearing it with makeup on can eventually lead to acne breakouts and other types of skin problems. Not ideal.

Skin = Saved

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, you’ll find a lot of people wearing a mask and many not even daring to leave the house without it. Masks have been worn for years by the Japanese for reasons including colds, allergies, and—especially for women—covering their faces on days when they had no time to put on makeup in the morning.

Not to worry though! You don’t have to be forced to choose between your health or beauty. All you will have to do is simply add some of these recommended products to your regular skincare beauty routine, especially if you happen to wear a mask even more lately!

1. Natural Aqua Gel Cure

You may not always remember to exfoliate your skin or even see the necessity for it. However, if recently coronavirus and allergies made you wear your mask more often and you want to avoid acne breakouts, it is absolutely essential that you make exfoliation one of your habits.

The Natural Aqua Gel by Cure2,750) is said to be one of the best exfoliators in Japan with one bottle sold every 12 seconds. From brightening skin to preventing acne, you’ll want to use this product to clear out dead skin and oil—which often accumulates from wearing a mask—from your pores. This exfoliator has received a lot of positive reviews by …continue reading


Ohi Racecourse flea market (March 2020)

Very well known popular venue.
Here come everything up representative flea markets.
In hot days. Because parking car outlets
A store various genres.
Yatai can take – out and wide used clothes, accessories and shoes, food, watches, and miscellaneous goods, handmade
The row regardless of genre from professional until amatia.

※Photo is a thing of the past.

※Scheduled to be held on the future

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