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5 Stylish Interior And Home Decor Shops In Tokyo

5 Stylish Interior And Home Decor Shops In Tokyo - Shell cushion

After isolating yourself and staying at home for so long, I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of deep cleaning, organized your belongings, and basically KonMaried your entire living space.

You now know what you own, and what you’ve been missing. Having spent more time indoors recently, perhaps you’ve even learned just how important it is to create a living space that feels cozy and homely. In other words, you’re finally ready to add some new personal touches to your home!

Listed below are 5 stylish interior and home decor shops found in and around Tokyo—you’ll have heaps of fun redecorating your home according to your style!

1. Francfranc

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Francfranca Japanese furniture and home decor company founded in Tokyo in 1990—is just one of those shops where once you enter, you know you won’t be leaving empty-handed. Known for their cute, fun, and modern designs, Francfranc sells just about everything from vases to picture frames, bathroom accessories to furniture, kitchenware, and cutlery.

There are Francfranc stores dotted all around Japan and Tokyo, but the flagship store in Aoyama is personally my favorite.

Savvy Picks

1. Shell Floor Cushion (¥2,800, 30% off ¥4,000)

To instantly add a touch of summer to your home, the Shell Floor Cushion is highly recommended. This best-selling floor cushion comes in three colors (pink, green, or grey) and is soft and comfortable to sit on as it is made of poly velvet fabric. The cushion can be folded making it compact and easy to store away when not in use. Irresistibly cute!

2. Photo Frame with Clock (¥3,500)

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5 Tokyo Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over Summer 2020

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Blue Shirt Dress

New Season=New Trends

While it is completely understandable that fashion may not particularly be a priority—especially as we’re living in pretty challenging times—, clothes can actually be quite important during this troubling time. By this, I mean to say that fashion can actually be good for our mental wellbeing and uplift us emotionally. After all, what we wear helps us to express who we are and plays a part in how we feel. Let’s get straight into it and take a look at these top 5 versatile Tokyo summer fashion trends!

The keyword is versatile, meaning you’ll be able to play around and create different looks with these fashion items and it will definitely last you the entire season. Get ready to look totally chic and cool this summer!

1. Shirt dresses

A shirt dress is a summer wardrobe essential. Everyone really should own at least one shirt dress because a) it’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style and b) it’s extremely versatile. It can be worn to fit the office dress code but can also be thrown on for a casual day out.

Bright Broad Shirt Dress by Adam Et Ropé Le Magasin Women | ¥5,445 (50% off ¥10,890)

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 White Shirt Dress

Tent Dress by Jeanasis | ¥4,389 (50% off ¥8,800)

Savvy Styling Tip

You can never really go wrong with opting for a classic white shirt dress and accessorizing it with some nice jewelry and a statement bag. For a casual look, team it with some white sneakers and an oversized summer hat. Pair it with some trousers and slip on your favorite, comfortable heels for the office. If you’re not too keen …continue reading


10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1,000

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Coral sculpture

From your living area to your kitchen, and even up until private spaces like your bathroom, the importance of knick-knacks around the house should not be ignored. As a matter of fact, they not only add volume and depth to the ambiance of the residence but also give a personal touch to it, which in most cases is requisite if not meaningful. In other words, these elements prevent any home from being stiff and dull.

There are plenty of house décor items available in the market, ranging from as low as ¥100 (I love you Seria) to as lavish as ¥10,000 (yes Zarahome‘s vase, I am looking at you). The former does not necessarily mean it will be less pretty in the same way the latter is not entirely better. Depending on your budget, there are many ways to tackle the process of decorating your dwelling without breaking the bank. This time around, let’s take a look into some aesthetic goods under ¥1,000!

1. Coral decoration

This fancy-shaped interior ornament is a perfect addition to any shelf, rack, sideboard, coffee table, console table, or even bookcase. Though its purpose is solely for decoration and no other, the porous texture of the coral casts a subtly-appealing image on a space, easing up any flat visual perception of the area.

Brand: Søstrene Grene

Price: ¥531

2. Flowerpot shell

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Shel flower pot

Why stick to a plain pot when you can have such an adorable figure? Another lovely piece from Søstrene Grene is this gorgeous shell-shaped flower pot which does not only hold and display flowers but …continue reading