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10 Unique Father’s Day Gifts From Japan

10 Father's Day Gifts Japan

Tabio Gift Box With Reflexology Socks

We all know that dads love a bit of predictability so why not go with the ultimate dad gift: Socks! Japanese sock store Tabio has it all when it comes to footwear, but these Father’s Day casual socks are a novel blend of practical, stylish — and healthy. The gift box comes with special toe socks that have marked pressure points for the body on them meaning dad can try his hand at reflexology (or at least make bad jokes about it). Available at all Tabio stores across Japan.

10 Father's Day Gifts Japan Tabio Socks

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Shiseido Men Hydrating Lotion

This quick-absorbing hydrating lotion will raise your dad’s status to DILF level (well, if you’re ok with that) by combatting redness, and soothing razor burns and other environmental stresses. Tell your dad it was a featured “Best Moisturiser for Men” on if he needs convincing. Purchase at Shiseido stores in Tokyo or order online.

10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Japan Shiseido Men's Hydrating Lotion

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Imabari Cooling Towel Scarf

Keep dad cool this summer with this towel scarf that has a little pocket for a cooler sheet. Made in Imabari, a town in Ehime Prefecture known for producing top-notch towels, department store Takashimaya’s set also comes with a separate handkerchief. As well as cooling dad down, the towel can also be used to dry off sweat from the face and used as a neck protector from the sun — smart AND stylish. On sale at Takashimaya stores and online.

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Letters From Japan: “We Have 3 Beauty Problems And We Need Help!”

Between relationship advice and other issues, I often receive emails with questions on beauty care products and how to fix yourself up for summer, so this month, I would like to address this topic. Below are three questions that recently came in my mailbox.

1. Skincare and acne

Hi Hilary!

I just moved to Japan from April and I need some beauty advice. I brought my own cosmetics from home (I miss Sephora so much!) but I’m having trouble finding a good face wash. I break out easily, especially around that time of the month. What do you suggest? — Red Spots

Dear Red Spots,

You have plenty of options to choose from. In most pharmacies, you can find nikibi kea (ニキビケア acne care) products alongside their regular face washes. Some stores even carry Clearasil spot treatment, but for a face wash, there are a few different options.

Skinlife Medicated Acne Care has been around since 1963 and my friend’s mother first recommended it for the same problem. I’ve used it ever since.

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They have two types of foaming facial cleansers, one in a pump bottle and one in a tube (that you have to foam up with a sponge), and both cost less than ¥800. They also have a lotion to go with their cleansers too. You can use this one every day if you’re having skin troubles, but it can sometimes be drying if you don’t moisturize carefully.

If you want something that you can use once or twice a week alongside a non-acne based beauty routine, then you should try Tsururi Ghassoul Paste, which is a deep pore cleanser made with ghassoul clay and sea salt — it’s …continue reading