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Setsubun market in Okage Yokocho 2020

In the lunar calendar, the beginning of the year was the beginning of the spring, and Setsubun was thought like the current New Year’s Eve, so various events that hope for a year’s happiness have been done from the past. At Okage Yokocho, we hold annual “Setsubun market in Okage Yokocho” annually, with wishes as Setsubun “I wish you a good year.”

※Photo is a thing of the past.

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Shibuya Fukuras: 5 Things Not To Miss At Tokyo’s Newest Shopping Complex

shibuya fukuras- Cé La Vi

Once again, another skyscraper has been added to the ever-expanding Shibuya skyline (not that we’re complaining). Meet Shibuya Fukuras.

shibuya fukuras

Still considered as relatively new (it opened in November 2019), Shibuya Fukuras is an impressive 18-story building composed of the popular shopping mall Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, a variety of restaurants and cafes, a rooftop terrace, offices, a tourist information center and a bus terminal (the list goes on!)

Although it’s a rather spacious complex, it isn’t too difficult to navigate your way around and pretty straightforward, especially with a floor guide and help from the friendly people at the information desk. This means you can have a relaxed experience, without the fear of getting lost.

With so many things to do, you might begin to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. So we recommend you check off the following things to do/see off your list.

1. Shibuya-san Tourist Information Center and Art Center (1F)

shibuya fukuras tourist information and art center

First up: the first floor. Here, you’ll find a tourist information and art center that will provide you with information on the best restaurants, shops, attractions, and trends in Shibuya. What’s slightly different about this information center is that there’s also an art exhibition inside.

According to the staff, the inspiration behind the artwork is from Tokyo’s Shibuya district and Nagaoka (a small city in Niigata Prefecture). As they say, art is a form of communication and what better way than to bring local and international visitors together? You’re also able to purchase bus tickets, SIM cards, exchange currency, store baggage, charge electronic devices and …continue reading


Toyosu Fish Market: Everything You Need to Know

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Aerial view of the new Toyosu Fish Market.
You’ve probably heard that the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market closed to the public to reopen as Toyosu Fish Market. Here are the top tidbits regarding the relocation of this historic landmark in Tokyo, and a full guide to the new market.
When one market closes, another opens only slightly farther east …
… you know that old saying.
First, Tsukiji Fish Market was slated to close its doors in November, 2016. Then the move got pushed back. And back. And back some more. But the relocation happened at last, with the inner market officially re-opening at the Toyosu waterfront district on October 11, 2018. Over 600 merchants made the move. Important note: Tsukiji’s outer market, which

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Tokyo Winter Sales: 2019-2020 Roundup

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

December and January are extremely busy months for most Japanese shops, as their winter sales attract lots of people looking to spend their year-end bonuses. The first three days after New Year are especially crazy, with huge crowds trying to make the most of the New Year sales and buying fukubukuro (lucky bags with random items from last year’s inventory).
How Tokyo winter sales work
New Year shopping in Japan is serious business, almost like Black Friday in the US. And you thought that the Japanese New Year was simply marked by such traditions as watching the first sunrise, or visiting temples and shrines!
A New Year sale in Japan
Here’s a list of some department stores and malls holding Tokyo winter sales. Note that this is

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Shopping Diary – Miyagi Furusato Plaza: Ikebukuro


A wide selection of Miyagi-ken sake – some fifty or sixty varieties – is one of the main attractions of this Miyagi-ken prefectural antenna shop. You’ll also find Sendai beef and beef tongue products, fresh fish and seafood in season, cheese and dairy products, and a couple of rice varieties called Hitomebori and Sasanishiki. Soft ice cream can be purchased from a dedicated window in front of the shop.

Popular packaged foods include pouches of tongue curry and tongue stew, canned mackerel and other fish, and various sembei crackers and sweets. Kokeshi dolls and Ogatsusuzuri inkstones are typical of the regional handicrafts on sale. Upstairs on the second floor is an all-day cafe-style restaurant called Date no Gyutan that specializes in beef tongue dishes, and next to it is a tourist-information counter. …continue reading