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WeBase: The Hostel Retreat That’s Making Us All Want to Holiday in Kamakura

Source: Gaijin Pot

What do you think of when you hear the word hostel? If you’re picturing messy bunk beds and common rooms sticky with stale beer, well, we’ve all been there (and got the tie-dye harem pants to prove it).

But what if we told you that there was a different kind of hostel, and that it’s located in the temple-filled, surfer’s paradise of Kamakura – just one hour from Tokyo?


WeBase Hostel Kamakura Outside
WeBase Hostel Kamakura Lounge
WeBase Hostel Kamakura New
WeBase Hostel Kamakura Female Dorm

Opened September last year, WeBase KAMAKURA is redefining the way people travel to Japan by offering an immersive accommodation experience in Kamakura, a totally picturesque coastal gem of culture and history just south of Tokyo.

Right now, there’s a serious shortage of accommodation in Tokyo (hotels are currently at around 80% occupancy on average) and almost no options available within Kamakura itself. Most people who do end up visiting Kamakura make it a seaside day trip which means that they miss out on many of the unique and fulfilling experiences it has to offer.

WeBase Hostel Kamakura Daibutsu
WeBase Hostel Kamakura
WeBase Hostel Kamakura Surfer
WeBase Hostel Kamakura Enoden
WeBase Hostel Kamakura Monk
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Fall Colors… Sunset… & Illuminations at Sogi Falls

At Sogi Falls in the mountains of Kagoshima around Isa City the fall colors were in full swing. A big park is there and that was where I was planning to sleep out, but I did not forsee that the place was lit up at night so there werelots of security guards to protect the generators and lights and such.

As the sun went down I headed across the old bridge and found a suitable place to lay


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Married Rocks of Muroto

Heading down the coast road towards Cape Muroto is a familar site to anyne who has walked or cycled the Shikoku Pilgrimage known as Ohenro. As you approach the cape a group of towering rocks becomes visible.

Once there you see that a pair of these rock pillars has a shimenawa, sacred rope, strung between them. These roks are known as Meoto Iwa, or “married rocks”. The larger rock is

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Japan adds Narnia, Syriana, Trumpistan and 16 more actual nations to its expanding no-entry list

From July 1, Narnia, Mordor, and Covidia will be among the 144 nations and regions affected by Japan’s entry ban*

The citizens and dwellers of Narnia, Syriana, and Trumpistan have already been banned from entering Japan due to COVID-19. Covidia, is being considered for the ban as well.

DOMEIDO NewsFlash: The Covid-19 problem continues as the world enters into a hot and humid summer. Even though Tokyo has completely reopened—albeit with a small spread of coronavirus due to the deplorables working in the night-trade— and residents are now able to travel between prefectures, Japan is not yet ready to open its doors to international visitors. Japan will also not let back in permanent residents who lived here and left, or admit anyone who might possibly be harboring the coronavirus, unless they are Japanese citizens.

Starting Tuesday, Japan will ban entry to non-citizens arriving from an additional 19 nations, including Narnia, Syriana, and Trumpistan. This brings the total of number of nations and regions in Japan’s no-entry list to 144. Covidia, the renegade province of China, is also under consideration for the ban. The Deep State was scheduled to be banned but no one is sure exactly where it’s located.

Some of Japan’s choices have resulted in intense criticism from outside of this island country, which was created by the Gods.

Foreign media pointed out that while Narnia is a temperate forested land, with talking animals that live in quaint houses and behave like people, and the land is populated by wicked witches, magic users, it also has had no reported cases of coronavirus since May 1st. This representational monarchy is also a fictional place. Syriana, is also a fictional nation modeled after Saudi Arabia and the subject of a suspense thriller starring a slovenly George Clooney, who put on weight …continue reading