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Richard Steiner 50 Years of Woodblock Printmaking: Kyoto Exhibition July 21-26

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This summer the artist Richard Steiner will be celebrating a remarkable 50 Years of Woodblock Printmaking with an exhibition in Kyoto. Here are the details courtesy of John Dougill:

“The 70 piece exhibition will take place July 21-26 at Gallery Hill Gate, Kyoto at Sanjo Teramachi. Richard says he’ll be there every day, there’ll be coffee available, and he’ll be happy to chat and answer questions. So please make a note of the dates. (Incidentally as well as teaching Richard inaugurated the Kyoto International Woodprint Association and has prints owned by the British Museum and Ethological Museum in Rotterdam, among others.)”

Here is a MAP for Gallery Hill Gate.

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Black Lives Matter Kyoto – Peaceful March; Sunday June 21st

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Black Lives Matter Kyoto Peaceful March
June 21st (Sunday)
3:00~4:30 PM
Start at Maruyama Park Finish at Kyoto City Hall

Marching even if it rains.
Black Lives Matter
6月21日(日) 午後3~4:30


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Help Launch The Tea Crane Organic Tea Shop in Kyoto

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Online Japanese tea vendor, The Tea Crane, is launching its first physical store in Kyoto in a beautiful machiya townhouse in central Kyoto. This will be a fully fledged tea shop with a dedicated room for the tea ceremony, and as an international learning center for tea lovers it will undoubtedly be a great addition to the city. However, The Tea Crane needs your help to realize this dream! Here’s Tyas Sōsen, the founder of The Tea Crane, with the good word on the crowdfunding campaign that will fund this project:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic it may seem defiant to open a new physical business. Nevertheless, to us this choice is part of the statement that we believe we will overcome the pandemic in a positive way. Tea will bring people together on a deeper level in the way it always has. The physical hub in Kyoto will help us connect to people throughout the world. And while it is not possible to gather together here physically now, we want to give people the opportunity to already anticipate their visit through purchasing pre-sale tickets which in turn help us to get the business ready to receive visitors.

The physical store will function as a hub from where to share Japanese tea culture globally. The crowd funding campaign requests contributions from backers for pre-sale tickets for online and local events, tea club subscriptions, and special tea sets. The funds will be used to support the upstart of the business.”

The crowd funding campaign is hosted on Kickstarter and runs from June 8th until July 5th. Backers have the time to support the project during this time. More details regarding the project can be retrieved from the official project page: …continue reading