Tokyo: Filipino national nabbed in fake marriage -- Apr 07
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two persons, including a female Filipino national, for engaging in a fake marriage in Machida City, reports TBS News

In September, 2016, Masao Kurokawa, 61, and the woman, 21, are alleged to have registered fraudulent paperwork for marriage at the city’s office in order that she could obtain residency in Japan.

According to police, Kurokawa and the woman are acquainted through a bar that employs her. They do not live together.

Kurokawa admits to the allegation. However, the Filipino national denies the allegations, saying, “We are married. We just aren’t living together.”


年の差40歳の男女が偽装結婚の疑いで逮捕されました。 フィリピン人のクヤンバオ・アランジェリー・アブラザ容疑者(21)と黒川正雄容疑者(61)は、クヤンバオ容疑者の在留資格を得るために東京・町田市役所に嘘の婚姻届を提出した疑いが持たれています。 - ANNnewsCH