Japan to introduce information as subject in university entrance exams
Jiji -- May 19
The Japanese government has presented a plan to add the subject of information to university entrance examinations, in order to test skills such as programming.

In order to prepare for a future when artificial intelligence will be used widely, the government aims to introduce information as a major subject in standardized entrance exams for admissions around fiscal 2025.

At a meeting on investment in the future on Thursday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the meeting's chair, said that information processing, including AI, would become equivalent to reading, writing and arithmetic in years to come.

"We'll add information as a basic subject, similar to Japanese, mathematics and English, that students will be urged to learn," Abe said.

The government will include the plan in its growth strategy to be drawn up as early as June. Chiefly a panel of experts of the education ministry will work out details of the plan.

News source: Jiji