Court says Ghosn can't attend Nissan board meeting

NHK -- Mar 12
The Tokyo District Court on Monday rejected a request by former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn to attend Nissan's board meeting on Tuesday. He was released on bail last week and was seeking permission to take part in the meeting.

The court apparently decided that Ghosn's presence could put pressure on other board members and lead to destruction of evidence.

Ghosn was dismissed as Nissan chairman after his arrest in November. But he is still a member of the board.

Sources tell NHK that Nissan officials told prosecutors they were against allowing Ghosn to attend the board meeting.

Ghosn has been indicted for aggravated breach of trust and underreporting his compensation. He denies the allegations. Ghosn was released after spending more than 100 days at a Tokyo detention center.

Ghosn's lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, told reporters his client wants to fulfill his obligations as a board member by attending the meeting.

Needing court permission to do so is one of the conditions of Ghosn's bail.

His defense team has filed an appeal against the court decision. But the court rejected the appeal.


保釈中の日産自動車の前会長、カルロス・ゴーン被告(65)が12日に行われる日産自動車の取締役会への出席を求めたが、東京地裁は証拠隠滅につながるとして認めなかった。ゴーン被告の弁護人の弘中惇一郎弁護士によると、この判断に大きく影響したのは日産の意見だったという。 - ANNnewsCH