Tests for new Japan visa status held in Manila
NHK -- Apr 14
Job-seekers in the Philippines have taken tests for a new visa status in Japan that aims to increase the number of foreign workers in the country.

The tests are the first of their kind after a revised immigration law came into effect in Japan earlier this month.

The new residential status comprises two categories. Category-1 allows foreigners with vocational skills to work for up to five years in 14 fields where there is a serious labor shortage. These include nursing care, construction, and agriculture.

Evaluation tests for nursing care skills and Japanese language are held on Saturday and Sunday at a university in the capital Manila.

Japan's health ministry says 125 applicants, the limit, sit for the exams.

The ministry initially planned to implement the tests about six times a year. But it decided to give additional tests in May and June as many people couldn't take the first tests when the number of applicants exceeded the limit.

Exam-takers will be informed of results as early as next month. Those who are successful are expected to find jobs in Japan and start working in the country as early as this summer.

News source: NHK
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