Banknote image of Umeko Tsuda possibly reversed
NHK -- Apr 17
The Japanese government plans to proceed with printing new banknotes matching the sample designs it released, even though some people have pointed out that one of the portraits used is different from the probable source photo.

The Japanese government last week announced a design makeover for banknotes, and unveiled their new look.

The 5,000-yen note will carry an image of Umeko Tsuda, a pioneer in women's education in Japan, and the founder of Tsuda University in Tokyo.

Her portrait on the new banknote is similar to a photo believed to have been taken when she was around 36. Tsuda University provided it to the National Printing Bureau.

But in the original photo, she is facing right, while in the new banknote design, she is looking left. Some people suspect the bureau may have reversed the photo to use it for the new banknote.

The Finance Ministry intends to go ahead with its plan to print the new 5,000-yen note in accordance with the sample design.

The ministry's official explained that the printing bureau does not necessarily reproduce an existing photo for a banknote, but creates a new image based on more than two photos.

新5千円札の津田梅子の肖像について、提供された写真を反転したものではないかという声が上がっている。 9日に発表された新しい日本銀行券のイメージ。この新5千円札の津田梅子の肖像について今、ネット上などで話題になっているのが反転の疑惑だ。日本最初の女子留学生・津田梅子。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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