New Emperor greets 140,000 people

NHK -- May 05
Japan's Emperor Naruhito has made his first remarks in front of the public since ascending the throne earlier this week.

The Imperial Household Agency said more than 140,000 people visited the Imperial Palace on Saturday to celebrate the Imperial succession. Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako, and other members of the Imperial family appeared on the palace balcony six times during the day to greet the public.

The Emperor said, "I am standing here today after the ceremonies marking my accession to the Throne. I am delighted and deeply grateful that you have come to celebrate. I wish for your health and happiness. And I sincerely hope that our country will develop further while working together with other countries to pursue global peace."

A visitor in her teens said she was happy she got to witness the historic moment the Emperor and Empress appeared on the balcony.

A man visiting from Okinawa said he hopes the Reiwa Era will be peaceful and safe, just as the Emperor wished for in his speech.

Citizens and tourists can also sign their names in special congratulation books at Imperial Household Agency offices in various cities over the weekend.


令和になって初めての皇居の一般参賀に約14万人が訪れました。即位後、初めて国民を前に陛下が語られたお言葉を陛下を知る人たちはどう見たのでしょうか。 - ANNnewsCH