Tokyo area deals with typhoon aftermath
NHK -- Sep 10
People in and around Tokyo are struggling with the aftermath of a powerful typhoon that brought heavy rain and record-breaking winds to the area. Two people are dead, at least 61 injured, and hundreds of thousands of households remain without power.

Typhoon Faxai barreled through eastern Japan from Sunday to Monday. It's moving away from the country, but still packing gusts of up to 180 kilometers per hour.

The typhoon brought record-breaking winds to Chiba City, where winds gusted to over 200 kilometers per hour. Two people died in accidents apparently caused by the strong gusts --- one in Tokyo and one in Kanagawa.

In Chiba Prefecture, a wall from a driving range collapsed, injuring a woman. A nearby resident says part of his home was destroyed. He said, "I heard a loud crash, looked up and saw a hole in the ceiling. I'd taken protective measures, but I never imagined an iron tower would fall on my house."

The strong winds also knocked together solar panels floating on the surface of a dam in the same prefecture. A fire broke out, when some of the panels apparently overheated.

Two power transmission towers collapsed in a mountainous area. They were mainly feeding power to areas in Chiba prefecture.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says more than 730,000 households were still without power as of 5 p.m. Monday.

The storm also disrupted train travel for millions of commuters and travelers. Railway services, including bullet trains to other parts of the country, were suspended. Train stations were swarmed with passengers as operations resumed.

More than 160 domestic flights for Monday were cancelled. Airlines are asking passengers to check for the latest updates before heading out.

News source: NHK
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