Govt. to promote quantum technology
NHK -- Nov 27
The Japanese government plans to promote quantum technology as part of its national strategy.

Quantum technology uses photons and other subatomic particles to create innovative information and communication technology. Quantum computers are far faster than supercomputers, and quantum cryptography is said to be undecipherable.

The government has drafted a new national strategy based on the idea that the government, industries and academia should work together to survive the global race that is heating up to develop the technology.

The draft calls for drawing up a roadmap for about 20 years to develop the technology in four key areas, including quantum computers and quantum cryptography.

The draft says the government will directly control the project and provide substantial financial support.

The draft says the government will designate more than five research institutes and universities in the next five years to be research bases to collect technologies and human resources.

It also calls for founding more than 10 quantum technology start-ups in about 10 years.

The government hopes to finalize the plan by as early as the end of this year.

News source: NHK
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