Japan minister mum on future coal policy

NHK -- Dec 12
Japan's environment minister has suggested his country has no plans to change its coal-fired power generation policy soon. Shinjiro Koizumi was speaking at the UN climate change summit in Spain.

Koizumi said, "I am aware of global criticism including on our coal relating policies. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for stopping our addiction to coal. I took this as a message to Japan."

He didn't offer a clue on Japan's future approach to the issue at the COP25 meeting.

Koizumi then said, " I am afraid I cannot share new development on our coal policy today."

He highlighted the steps Japan has made toward combating global warming, including reducing its greenhouse gas emissions for five consecutive years.

But some countries reacted negatively to Koizumi's speech.

Ethiopia's representative said, " It's time to act for climate change. Just take a measure currently, not for the future."