Fruit themed slot games -- Jan 09
Before they were fondly referred to as fruit machines, slots were known as one-armed bandits.

These precursors to the video slot displayed poker cards as their symbols and you had to use all your strength to pull the lever and make the reels move. The classic slots machines that are fondly remembered as the games that started it all are video slots with fruit symbols.

These slots from might not be the most popular theme on the market, but these slots are definitely the most varied. You get standard video slots with 5-reels and 30 paylines with a fruity theme, then you get cluster pay slots that have fruit symbols decorating the reels, and then sometimes there are slots that have fruit added in the form of the design or just on the reels for familiarity. The common usage of fruit for slot symbols is due to the reminiscence and familiarity that players feel when they know that they need to hope for a set of cherries.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines were that slots that started it all, these are classic slots with 3-reels, one payline, and fruit symbols. These bunches of fruit typically include melons, cherries, oranges, plums, and grapes. With this fruit cocktail fruit machines often have a bell symbol. There is an interesting story behind the bell symbol, the first fruit machines used to pay out gum by the Bell-Fruit company so the nod to the company stuck.

The downside to fruit machines is that they typically don't reward players with big bonuses due to the simple nature of these slots. You can score big on these games by lining up three fruit symbols, but there aren't any flashy bonus games.

Fruity Slots Games

Cosmic Fruit – usually the only fruit that makes it to space is freeze-dried and served to astronauts in the form of rations. This slot shows fruit how they're meant to be eaten, looking juicy up in space. This slot does a really good job mixing two opposite vibes – retro and futuristic. This 5-reel slot is a succulent success with big wins and even bigger fun.

Call of Fruity – After years of revamping and reshaping the classic slot here comes a game that gives the classic arcade fruit symbols a military makeover in Call of Fruity. This fun slot doesn't take itself too seriously which is a big part of this classic game's appeal. You can't help but smile as you begin your mission of taking up arms and fighting for freedom in this animated action slot. There are big cash prizes waiting at the end of the road and more importantly, exciting gameplay to indulge in.

The trusty fruit symbols that sometimes make an appearance outside of the classic fruit machine category because of their familiarity and they give the game a simple feel that is popular among the top-ranked slot games. This is because players respond better to classic games with uncomplicated gameplay that has them coming back for more.

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