Rainy season finally declared over in Tokyo after fourth-latest end on record

Japan Times -- Aug 01
The rainy season finally ended in Tokyo and neighboring areas of the Kanto-Koshin region in east and central Japan after an unusually long spell, the Meteorological Agency said Saturday.

This year’s rainy season, which started around June 11, finished eight days later than average, making it the region’s fourth-latest end since comparative data became available in 1951, the agency said.

The rainy season in the Tokai region meanwhile ended 11 days later than average, making it the third-latest end for central Japan, the agency said.

This year’s season dumped more rain than usual on many areas. The city of Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, got 1.15 meters — three times more than average, according to preliminary data. Kofu in Yamanashi Prefecture got 642 mm, or 2.7 times more than average.

The Kanto-Koshin and Tokai regions are expected to see a week of hot, sunny days starting Saturday, the agency said.

- Japan Times

気象庁は1日午前、関東甲信地方と東海地方が梅雨明けしたとみられると発表しました。いずれも8月に梅雨明けとなるのはこの10年で初めてです。  関東甲信や東海は高気圧に覆われて晴れている所が多くなっています。気象庁は午前11時に関東甲信と東海で梅雨明けしたとみられると発表しました。いずれも平年より11日遅く、去年より8日遅い梅雨明けです。梅雨明けの発表が8月になるのは関東甲信で2007年以来13年ぶり、東海で2009年以来11年ぶりです。1日は岐阜で36度の猛暑に、東京都心で32度まで気温が上がる見込みです。梅雨明け早々、厳しい暑さとなるため熱中症に警戒が必要です。 - ANNnewsCH