Japan reports 1,434 new coronavirus cases

NHK -- Nov 16
Officials in Japan reported 1,434 new cases of coronavirus infection on Sunday.

Six people in four prefectures died of the disease, including three in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido.

Health ministry officials say that as of Sunday, 243 people with severe symptoms were being treated with respirators and intensive care.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government confirmed 255 new cases in the capital on Sunday. The number topped 200 for the sixth consecutive day.

The total number of cases confirmed in Tokyo now stands at 34,751.

Osaka reported 266 new cases, Hokkaido reported 209, Kanagawa reported 114 and Aichi reported 102.

The total number of confirmed cases in Japan now stands at 119,413, including 712 on a cruise ship.

There have been 1,907 confirmed deaths, including 13 on the ship.