Wang reasserts Chinese sovereignty over Senkakus

NHK -- Nov 25
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has reasserted his country's sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands. He stressed the necessity of avoiding any action that could complicate matters in the waters around the islands.

Wang was speaking to reporters after a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu in Tokyo on Tuesday.

He said China will continue to defend its sovereign rights with regard to the islands. He emphasized the importance of dealing immediately with any problems that may arise through communication and dialogue.

Japan controls the islands. The Japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of Japan's territory. China and Taiwan claim them.

Wang said he hopes to make the East China Sea a sea of peace and cooperation through the joint efforts of the two countries, adding that this approach accords with basic common interests.

The Chinese diplomat disclosed that the two countries have agreed to aim at establishing a hotline between defense officials by the end of the year. This is part of a communications mechanism to prevent accidental clashes at sea or in the air.

Wang also said the two ministers have agreed to hold a bilateral high-level economic dialogue attended by relevant ministers next year.