Tokyo Metro to revise timetable for last trains

NHK -- Dec 01
Subway operator Tokyo Metro says it will move forward the schedule for its last trains of the day by as much as 16 minutes.

Other train operators in and around the capital have already announced similar changes.

Tokyo Metro says all nine of its lines will be subject to the change from next spring.

That means the last trains will run before 1 AM.

The change could affect around 3,500 passengers per night.

The company says it needs more time for maintenance at night. It says the number of nighttime maintenance incidents was 40 percent higher in the last fiscal year than eight years ago.

The company also says it needs to adjust its timetable so its last trains connect with those of other operators.

East Japan Railway earlier announced it would bring forward its last trains on 17 lines in and around Tokyo from spring. It also said it needs more time for maintenance and that there has been a drop in late-night passengers due to the coronavirus pandemic.