Japanese universities grapple with virus measures, test preparations

the-japan-news.com -- Feb 14
The second round of entrance examinations for national and public universities is scheduled to start on Feb. 25, during a pandemic-impacted exam season that has forced institutions to implement coronavirus countermeasures.

When the Common Test for University Admissions was held in January, a record 1,721 applicants had to take makeup exams due to illness and other reasons. In addition to implementing pandemic measures, universities are busy preparing for the possibility of a large number of students applying for makeup examinations in the second round.

A disruption occurred during a Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology common test in January when an examinee who was wearing a mask with his nose exposed ignored an exam supervisor’s instruction to wear the mask with his nose covered.

The university has sent second-stage test applicants an exam admission slip with an information sheet that states, “Please wear a mask that covers your nose properly.” A university official said examinees might not have understood if they had just stated that masks should be worn.

Most public universities are expected to take measures such as requiring students to wear masks in the second-stage exams, just as they did for the common test.

Osaka City University plans to install panels to block respiratory droplets on the podiums supervisors use when giving instructions to the examinees. It will also install 10 portable toilets to prevent crowding in restrooms.

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