Foreign media praise Matsuyama's caddie

NHK -- Apr 13
Foreign media have praised Matsuyama Hideki's caddie as they report on the Japanese golfer's triumph at the Masters on Sunday.

Matsuyama clinched his victory by sinking his final putt on the 18th hole. His caddie Hayafuji Shota then replaced the flagstick in the hole, removed his cap, and bowed to the course.

Sports channel ESPN posted Hayafuji's gesture on its Twitter account immediately after it announced the new Masters champion. The video has drawn comments praising the caddie.

Australia's ABC News reported that Hayafuji "bowed to the course upon which he and Matsuyama had just enjoyed their greatest day."

The report called Hayafuji's actions "simple, respectful and understated," and said they summed up Matsuyama's reaction to finally achieving his lifelong dream.

The 27-year-old caddie is a few years younger than Matsuyama, and attended the same senior high school and university.

Removing a cap and bowing is nothing new in Japanese sports culture, but Hayafuji's actions highlighted Japanese manners for overseas media.