Eating Wild Japan by Winifred Bird - Book Review

Eating wild Japan is a very in depth and well written engaging book that captivates the reader with traditional methods of preparation of wild edible plants.
The book is comprised of a few different sections. It has a section that is comprised of essays on foraging in Japan throughout different regions, wherein the author takes you through her experiences among the traditional cultures of Japan and how they harvest and prepare these wild plants. She also talks about the impact of foraging to the local culture and how foraging has gone through multiple phases throughout Japanese history. After the essays there is a guide to wild plants of Japan that are really popular in traditional villages and in the restaurant industry. This guide is not meant for identification but instead to give the reader an appreciation for the various plants that are a huge part of the culture. The final section is a collection of recipes to really showcase the various ways in which these plants are used and it really gives the reader a chance to learn some ways you might experiment with various plants. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and I think many of you will also. If you're interested in learning about Japanese foraging, culture, or cuisine and it's history in the country this book is a must. - Trillium: Wild Edibles