How online dating technologies are changing the game for Japanese millennials -- Jul 17
To say online dating has exploded in popularity since the first sites were launched in the 1990s is no exaggeration.

There are now thousands of sites, catering to millions of enthusiastic singles, with new ones being launched regularly. While many matchmaking outlets command huge memberships in the West, particularly the USA, the UK, and Europe, Asia represents a rising, and potentially vast market. Japanese millennials have become particularly enthusiastic about embracing dating site technology. Here are some of the ways matchmaking has gone digital in Japan.

Homing in on common interests

Joining a dating site is a terrific way for millennials to form bonds with those sharing their passions. For teenage or twentysomething Japanese, this often revolves around otaku – the exciting world of anime, manga, computer games, J-pop, and other aspects of this fertile subculture. These are all massively popular subjects within social media circles in Japan, with entire Facebook groups and numerous Instagram accounts devoted to their fanbases, whether dedicated to these topics separately or focusing on those points where obsessions overlap. Japanese millennials can meet kindred spirits via dating platform, getting involved in group discussions, or homing in on other site members they feel a particular affinity to. Being able to communicate with so many people they already have so much in common with allows individuals to strike up a strong rapport within a short period.

Choice of dating sites

Single millennials now have so many dating outlets to choose from. The first decision they have to make is which particular website or app to commit to. The beauty of the digital dating medium is that most of these online services will offer free registration. This allows singles to be discerning. They can easily sign up to a site, then spend some time checking out the functionality. The younger generation are enthusiastic users of social media, so many will be drawn to those sites that offer chat rooms and forums, allowing them to interact with a diverse range of other site members.

Finding compatible partners

Compatibility lies at the heart of online dating technology. For any Japanese millennials who might be newbies, they can approach this method of interaction with complete confidence about connecting with someone who would be on their wavelength. Before even getting to the stage of exchanging text messages, algorithms built into a dating site will assess the information provided by any new member during the registration process, instantly comparing this with details provided by other applicants. Whenever there are areas that overlap, even something as basic as people living within proximity, this can be flagged up, with members being advised which of their colleagues would make the most suitable matches.

Creating chemistry

A common aspect of being youthful is that confidence remains under development. For shy millennials from Japan who might feel awkward or hesitant when interacting with strangers, especially if any flirting is involved, going online offers the perfect environment for socializing. Even just introducing themselves in a chat room or forum can give people the courage to reach out and establish meaningful connections.

Easy communication

Online technology is advancing all the time. Dating resources are starting to offer a similar experience to what online gamers have had access to for some time – virtual reality. By donning the appropriate headsets, Japanese millennials can find themselves immersed in an ultra-realistic three-dimensional alternative reality. Here they can interact with the avatar version of other site users, enjoying vivid encounters in the fantastical locations of their choice. This can provide the perfect crossover of romance, gaming, and otaku!