Mothers in Japan feeling greater stress during pandemic, survey finds

Japan Times -- Sep 07
Mothers raising children are feeling more stress due to the coronavirus pandemic than men or women without kids, as the health crisis has limited their opportunity to go out and chat with other mothers, according to a private survey released Monday.

Of the 5,640 people in their 20s to 70s covered by the poll by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., 65.3% said they are feeling stressed, with 59.2% of them being men and 71.3% women. Among women with one child or more, the ratio stood higher at 73.8%.

Asked about the cause of their stress, with multiple answers allowed, 62.9% of respondents cited “restrictions on outings,” while 54.9% said they are “worried about infection.”

Among mothers, 59.0% said a cause of stress is the fact they “have less chance to meet people,” higher than the 47.3% who felt the same among respondents as a whole.