Woman gets five years in prison for killing her newborn in Tokyo airport toilet

Japan Times -- Sep 26
A Japanese court on Friday sentenced a 24-year-old mother to five years in prison for killing her newborn child in an airport restroom and burying the corpse in a central Tokyo park in 2019.

Sayuri Kitai from Kobe, western Japan, was found guilty by the Tokyo District Court of murdering and abandoning the body of her baby girl to whom she gave birth in the restroom of Tokyo’s Haneda airport while she was on a job hunting trip.

In handing down the ruling, Presiding Judge Toshiro Nohara described her acts as “selfish and short-sighted,” saying Kitai killed the baby girl to avoid any impact on her job search.

Throughout the trial, Kitai had admitted to the charges, saying, “I panicked, my mind went blank, and I found myself putting toilet paper in the baby’s mouth.”

But the judge dismissed her claim, saying, “The defendant was calm when she gave birth, as she stopped at a restaurant with the body hidden in a bag, showing no signs of disorientation.”

Prosecutors had sought a seven-year prison term for Kitai, saying she killed her baby because she thought having an infant would hinder her in her search for a job. She was a university student at the time of the incident.

According to the ruling, Kitai strangled her newborn baby with her hands after putting toilet paper in the baby’s mouth and buried the body in Italy Park in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on Nov. 3, 2019.

実刑判決を言い渡しました。 生まれた直後の乳児の口にトイレットペーパーを詰めるなどして殺害し、都内の公園に埋めたとして、 殺人などの罪に問われた母親の北井小由里被告に対し東京地裁は懲役5年の実刑判決を言い渡しました。 判決で東京地裁は「強い殺意に基づく執拗(しつよう)かつ、むごたらしい犯行」で、 「自分の将来に障害となる女児の存在をなかったものにするため殺害した」と指摘しました。 - テレ東BIZ