Japan to ease quarantine rules for the vaccinated

NHK -- Sep 29
Japan's government will ease quarantine rules in October for vaccinated travelers entering the country, except those coming from nine nations where the Mu variant of the coronavirus has been confirmed.

Under the current rules, travelers from the countries and territories where the coronavirus is running rampant have been required to stay at designated facilities for three days following their arrival in Japan.

Upon leaving the facilities, they still have to self-isolate in their homes or other locations in Japan until 14 days have passed since their arrival in the country.

The government will ease the rules on October 1. Those with proof of getting vaccinated at least 14 days before their entry into Japan will be exempt from the three-day stay at designated facilities.

The vaccines they receive must be those approved by Japanese authorities.

Such people will still have to self-isolate at their homes or other locations. But they will be able to end self-isolation early, if they test negative after at least 10 days after their arrival.

On the other hand, travelers from the nine countries will be required to stay at the designated facilities for six days and then will have to self-isolate at their homes or other places until 14 days have passed since their arrival.

The countries are Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru.





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