Myoshinji Kyoto | The Temple Of The Enlightened Mind | A Wao Ryu Cinematic

The 95th emperor of Japan loved this area so much that he built his villa here. When he eventually abdicated in 1318 he dedicated himself to the study of zen meditation.
His interest in the practice grew so much that by 1337 he converted his villa into the zen temple that you find there today. Sweeping roofs, peaceful pathways and scattered gardens characterize the area and a walk through the many meandering paths of the temple will no doubt leave any visitor in a more pleasant state of mind than when they first arrived. It was such a pleasure to film as there was nearly no one there that day. We were surrounded by the sweet smells of the gardens, the echoes of are feet on the stones, a gentle breeze, and little else. Kyoto is amazing and Myoshinji Temple ranks as a must visit location were you ever to visit.