Japan's new prime minister forms cabinet

NHK -- Oct 04
Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is launching his Cabinet after being chosen to lead the country by the Diet.

The leader is promising an era of Japanese politics focused on working together to take on national and global challenges.

Lawmakers in both chambers of the Diet voted for the newly elected leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, the main ruling party. Kishida won 311 votes in the Lower House, over 80 more than a majority. He garnered 141 votes in the Upper House, 20 more than a majority.

Kishida is a third-generation lawmaker with diplomatic experience. The 64-year-old held the foreign minister post for more consecutive years than anyone in post-war history.

He took the helm of the LDP last week after Suga Yoshihide opted not to seek a second term as leader.

Kishida says he'll help heal a medical system and economy hurt by the pandemic. He also vows to protect Japan's interests while raising its global profile.

Helping him on this path will be his Cabinet. And new Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu has announced who made the cut.

Two members of Suga's Cabinet will continue their same duties -- Motegi Toshimitsu as foreign minister and Kishi Nobuo as defense minister. Suzuki Shunichi is the new finance minister.

While, another former member of the Suga Cabinet, Hagiuda Koichi, will move to economy, trade and industry.

Kishida has created a new post. Kobayashi Takayuki is the minister in charge of economic security.

Later in the day, Kishida will hold a news conference to lay out his priorities and convene his first Cabinet meeting.

One of his first orders of business is a Lower House election which he plans to call for October 31st.