Why Players from Japan Prefer to Play at BTC

newsonjapan.com -- Oct 05
Bitcoin Casinos (ビットコイン オンラインカジノ in Japanese) - are specialized gambling sites that make it possible to make money by gambling with cryptocurrencies.
In many aspects, these sites are identical to traditional gambling websites, where deposits are taken in fiat currency.

All Players can transfer coins into a profile, hold them, and receive payments in their wallets after winning in Bitcoin casinos.

What BTC casino sites are so popular in Japan?

On the Internet today, there seem to be a plethora of Bitcoin gambling sites that allow Japanese players. Bitcoin gambling websites with or without deposits, bonuses, and other perks. However, not all of these websites are trustworthy. Yet, Japan loves BTC, and Japanese players love to gamble with it. In this article, we have concluded some reasons why Japanese players prefer to play at BTC casinos:

  • Japanese Laws Are Easy on BTC Gamblers!

Legal land-based casinos were approved in 2016, but the government is currently debating the regulations. However, the government is still setting a promising deposit fee. On the other side, t thankfully, the bitcoin casino future is no longer a reality, and Japanese gamblers can enjoy various "ZERO Entry Fee" casinos. Who wouldn't love a free entry to a bitcoin casino? 

  • They Offer Anonymity

Japan is a land of ghosts and guess what? You can turn on your ghost mode when gambling in Japanese BTC casinos. When a user deposits BTC, they have the option of remaining anonymous and saving their private info and transaction information. This is especially important for gamblers from Japan, where online gambling is prohibited.

  • Quick Transactions

Another primary reason why Japanese players prefer BTC casinos is the speed with which transactions are completed. When using traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, users must wait a few days to receive money. On the other side, Bitcoin payments are typically made instantly and without delay.

  • Lucrative Rewards and Bonuses

If you use bitcoins to buy chips or online slot coins on a Japanese online casino's website, you may be eligible for special bonuses and awards. These benefits can include no deposit bonuses that add funds to your digital wallet, reload bonuses that automatically offer free coins when you top up, and extra bonuses that award you free spins or slots when you use bitcoins. Many of these incentives are available even if you pay with a credit card, but a few online casinos provide higher bonuses if you pay with bitcoins.

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  • No Taxes at ALL!

What's intriguing about bitcoin is that no country recognizes it as genuine money; therefore, it's not taxed in practically every state except those who have just enacted rules governing cryptocurrency. Japan also offers a free-of-tax BTC gambling experience to all BTC gamblers.  As a result, there's a good possibility you won't have to pay any fees or taxes if you use bitcoins in online casinos. Apart from not paying taxes, bitcoins are worldwide digital money, which means you won't have to swap it for country-specific currencies (such as the Japanese yen) because it will be instantly accepted in some online casinos.

Their exorbitant processing fees tarnish conventional online gambling websites. Furthermore, gamblers must also contend with a plethora of taxes and fees, which significantly impact overall gains.

How to choose a reliable Bitcoin casino in Japan

Because trading fees are either no or low at Bitcoin casino sites, most of these expenditures are almost eliminated. BTC gambling sites are also unregulated by any payments system or organization, resulting in significantly lower transaction costs. Low withdrawal and deposit fees are also common, making Bitcoin casinos more appealing to gamblers than regular online casinos in Japan.

  • Online Safety

Using bitcoins as currency is certainly a safer way of playing at online bitcoin casinos because you won't have to provide your credit card details to obtain chips or coins. You simply need to add bitcoins to your digital wallet from blockchain or other reliable crypto firms that handle your bitcoins. This is what attracts the Japanese players.

  • Transparency

Traditional casinos have a reputation for keeping information about prospective prizes hidden from their consumers. They also have a terrible reputation for employing various esoteric strategies to gain an advantage on gamblers. The majority of gamblers are usually unaware of these horrible schemes. As a result, individuals continue to gamble and lose money without realizing what is causing their deficits. Traditional casinos are notorious for taking advantage of unsuspecting bettors.

Online BTC casinos have eliminated the house's potential, utilizing shady tactics to get an advantage in the game. They give a transparent and straightforward platform that ensures gamblers are aware of the odds. This openness guarantees a mutually beneficial commercial partnership, which eliminates the majority of scams.

  • Convenience at its BEST!

Bitcoins are used in the majority of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. This is an added benefit because certain nations have outright banned gambling, and residents in these countries cannot access reputable gambling establishments.

Bitcoin casinos allow gamblers to avoid the risk of joining illicit gambling websites, which are both costly and dangerous. Clients at Bitcoin casinos have complete control over their funds and can withdraw and deposit funds from their accounts at any time, from any location.