Japan biz leaders roll out tourism proposals

NHK -- Nov 09
The Japanese government is looking to promote domestic tourism by reviving a travel campaign following the lifting of a nationwide state of emergency for the coronavirus. But business leaders are urging the government to make sure it does not lead to an overload of travelers.

The Japan Association of Corporate Executives has laid out a proposal to deal with an expected recovery in demand for domestic tourism.

The group specifically addresses the timing of reviving the government's "Go To travel" campaign. It was a program that offered subsidies for domestic travel in support of businesses battered by the impact of the coronavirus.

The Association advises against resuming the campaign for the busy season at the end of the year.

It also suggests smaller discounts for weekends and extended holiday periods.

The proposal calls for digitalization to better grasp travelers' needs and offer improved services.

The group wants the government to also promote more flexible work arrangements to allow more people to travel on weekdays.

The Association plans to discuss its ideas with the government and businesses to promote sustainable growth in the tourism industry.