Panasonic to introduce optional 4-day work week

NHK -- Jan 08
Executives at some Japanese firms are reacting to the pandemic by adopting more flexible work arrangements.

Those at Panasonic say they will allow their employees the option of scaling down to a 4-day week.

Panasonic President Kusumi Yuki says the aim is to support more diversity in work styles. He says some employees might have side jobs, and others may want to pursue studies. He says he will discuss the change with the firm's labor unions.

Kusumi says Panasonic will encourage more staff to work remotely. He says it will also give them a choice over whether to accept transfers that require moving to different cities without their families.

The government has said it wants companies to adopt an optional four-day working week. It incorporated the idea in its basic policy on economic and fiscal management and reform.

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