Govt.: No need to wear masks outdoors if people have little conversation

「外してOK」脱マスク進む? 大人も子供も“新ルール”公表へ

NHK -- May 20
The Japanese government has issued a fresh recommendation on the use of face masks. It says people need not wear a face mask when out of doors even if there is not a great distance between themselves and others. The advice is based on the assumption that little to no conversation is taking place.

Health minister Goto Shigeyuki said on Friday the government's stance on the need for a face mask to prevent coronavirus infection remains fundamentally unchanged.

Goto said people do not need to wear a mask when speaking with others outdoors if there is a distance of at least two meters between the speakers. In the case of indoor conversation, a mask is recommended whatever the distance.

He went on to say that an indoor space with excellent ventilation might allow for maskless conversation at a distance of two meters or more.

For children between the age of two and elementary-school age, the government is reinstating its earlier policy of not having a blanket expectation that a mask should be worn. There is no such expectation for infants.

The government continues to call on people to be sure to wear a mask when visiting elderly people or anyone in hospital.

政府は20日、脱マスクに向け、新たな着用ルールを発表します。3年目に突入したマスク生活、どのような場面で外してOKになるのでしょうか。  新型コロナ感染症対策分科会・尾身茂会長:「今まで『ダメダメダメ』って言ってきたことが多いと思うけど、これからは『やらなくてもいいですよ』という提言もやろうという話を今我々はしている。きょうのマスクの話なんかも、そういう一環ですよね」  暑い季節を迎える前に、屋外でのマスク着用ルールが大きな転換期を迎えています。  政府はこの後、マスク着用についての新たな見解を発表する見込みです。一体、どこまで緩和されるのでしょうか。19日の厚労省の専門家会合では・・・。  厚労省アドバイザリーボード座長・国立感染症研究所、脇田隆字所長:「『屋外』で、さらに『周囲の人との距離が十分に確保できる時』は『(マスクが)必要はない』ということを確認しております」