Tokyo man arrested for putting brother’s skull out for recycling collection

弟の白骨遺体を“ゴミ出し” 逮捕の男「レプリカかと...」 -- Jul 05
On 21 June workers at a recycling plant in Adachi, Tokyo were given a shock when, mixed in among the refuse that had arrived, they found a human skull and jaw bone.

Since bags came from all over Tokyo, there was no telling who the bones had belonged to, so they had to check dental records.

Soon after, they identified the skull as 67-year-old Hideo Murai of Kita, Tokyo. This was corroborated by a bank card with Murai’s name on it that was also found among the trash in the bag with his skull. Naturally, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police launched an investigation into the matter and on 29 June arrested the deceased’s older brother, 68-year-old Shoichi Murai, on charges of illegal disposal of human remains. ...continue reading

Jul 05 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 東京都内のリサイクル工場から入った、事件を告げる110番通報。  ...continue reading

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