Apple tracking device found on police vehicle in central Japan

捜査車両に「エアタグ」犯罪組織関係か 愛知県警

Japan Times -- Jul 06
An Apple Inc. tracking device was found attached to an unmarked police vehicle in central Japan, leading to suspicions that a yakuza crime syndicate was responsible, investigative sources said Wednesday.

Police are alleging a crime organization planted an AirTag, a device marketed for use in locating personal belongings, on the vehicle to track the movements of investigators, the sources said. The vehicle on which the tag was planted is used to investigate crime syndicates and drug crimes.

The commercially available device was found in a black plastic box, attached to the muffler of the vehicle, in May by an investigator who was getting into the car in the parking lot of Toyota police station in Aichi Prefecture.

Jul 06 (ANNnewsCH) - 愛知県警の捜査車両に位置情報を把握できるアップル社の紛失防止グッズが取り付けられていたことが分かりました。  ...continue reading

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