Married man arrested over murder of pregnant girlfriend


Japan Today -- Jul 08
Police in Tokyo have arrested a 43-year-old married man on suspicion of killing his 37-year-old pregnant girlfriend at her apartment in March.

According to police, Ken Takahashi, a company employee who lives in Soka, Saitama Prefecture, is accused of using a cord to strangle Nozomi Narita early on the morning of March 12 at her apartment in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, Kyodo News reported. Police said an autopsy revealed that Narita was pregnant at the time of her death.

Police said Takahashi has admitted to killing Narita and quoted him as saying that he hadn’t told her he was married and that he had led her to believe he would marry her. Police said he told them the two started arguing when he told Narita he was married and that he strangled her.

Police believe Takahashi tried to make it look like Narita had hanged herself but the autopsy showed she had been strangled.

Jul 08 (ANNnewsCH) - 東京・練馬区のマンションで交際相手の女性の首を絞めて殺害したとして43歳の男が逮捕されました。女性は妊娠していて、男との子どもとみられています。  ...continue reading

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