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The sports and casino games that online bettors in Japan are interested in

newsonjapan.com -- Jul 15
Online bettors in Japan are interested in different things, which explains why the country is home to numerous online betting operators.

Despite the fact that gambling is technically banned, you could check these Japanese betting sites and see that many of them are available in the country. There are cases where players need a VPN or a mirror link, but some sites can be accessed the regular way.

Having access to a couple of iGaming sites means that people have the chance to choose from multiple options. Betting sites provide different things in Japan, but we can divide their offerings into two big groups - Sports and Casino games. Both are very popular, so let’s go over some of the things that locals punt on.


Japan is one of the few Asian countries where football is one of the most popular sports. Despite the fact that the country’s neighbors are interested in other things, football continues to play a key role for the Japanese.

Betting fans in the country can punt on different kinds of football leagues and events. In addition to the domestic competition, Japanese online bettors are also interested in the big European leagues. For example, many punters stake on the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and much more.

Football is also a very big sport when it comes down to international play. Needless to say, many people in Japan watch the World Cup, as well as every other popular event.

People who bet on football have access to more markets, better features, and even special bonuses. After all, this is the biggest sport for online betting.


Although football is usually the sport that locals bet on, some of them are also interested in basketball. This may not come as a surprise because Japan has one of the best basketball leagues outside the U.S.

The Bj League is home to the best players in Asia, and it allows local punters to bet on loads of matches. Of course, every real basketball fan is also interested in the NBA because this is the league where the best players in the world can show their prowess.

Different kinds of Martial Arts

One of the things that Japan is known for is its different martial arts. Even people who know nothing about the country have heard that it is home to some of the world’s most popular sports.

Betting on martial arts is an interesting experience, to say the least. The odds are usually really high, and you can choose from a variety of alternatives. However, not every iGaming operator allows users to bet on this sport. In fact, some of them may not have many alternatives, so you need to check the given betting operator’s site before choosing one of them.


If there is one sport that has a key role in Japan and its culture, sumo definitely stands out. This sport has millions of fans in Japan, and the people who practice it are treated as celebrities. 

We can go on and on about sumo and its perks, but when it comes down to online betting, there might be a few problems. The biggest one is the fact that the sport is not always available on every iGaming operator. In fact, most of them won’t allow people to bet on the best players.

Fortunately, the iGaming sites that focus on Japan will make sure to provide locals with loads of sumo betting options.


When it comes down to online casino games, you can expect to come across a variety of things while betting online in Japan. The country is known for its pachinko, which is a game that is allowed by local legislation. That’s one of the reasons why some online casinos that operate in Japan offer locals the chance to play online pachinko.

Despite the popularity, some users prefer to have fun while betting on something else. Therefore, every leading online casino in Japan will offer them the chance to play slots. You can expect to find games based on different animes, movies, and computer games. Some titles also have unique graphics and special effects that make them popular.

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