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Japan's National High School Baseball Championship allows girls as ball children

The National High School Baseball Championship, also known as Koshin, is about to begin in Japan. The tournament is considered one of the most important sporting events in the country and this year has seen some innovations. Now girls are allowed to work as ball children.

On July 27, the Japan High School Baseball Federation and The Asahi Shimbun Company announced that they had set new rules for the 104th championship. It says that from now on girls can also take up the task of ball children.

Ball kids play an important role in baseball championships. They give new balls to the referee if needed so that the game can continue as quickly as possible. Earlier, only a boy could do this work.

Why the change is happening has not been announced yet. But in general, the organizers are trying to expand the opportunities for girls to participate in the championship.

The championship will officially begin on 6 August. The phenomenon has been criticized repeatedly in recent years due to various founders. At the moment, the culture of cheer is the main topic of conversation, as schools force children to go to sports to please their team. ...continue reading

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