Japan eyes shift in skilled-worker visas toward food production

Nikkei -- Aug 04
Japan will consider revamping its quotas for visas issued to skilled foreign workers, putting more emphasis on production of ready-made meals and less on restaurants and hotels to reflect changes in demand amid the pandemic.

A government proposal presented to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party would more than double the number of "specified skilled worker" visas available for food production to 87,200 from 34,000, on higher demand for bento boxes and prepared foods. As of April, 74% of the quota had been filled, raising concerns that the limit could be reached.

The skilled-worker visa program was launched in April 2019 to address chronic labor shortages in many areas of Japan's economy. Under the proposal, caps would increase for two out of 12 industries, with nine to be lowered. The overall total would not change. ...continue reading

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