INCREDIBLY RUDE THINGS Japanese people do!

Mrs Eats -- Aug 06
Japanese people are considered to be some of the politest people in the world, but they’re definitely NOT as polite as you think!

In 2016, the Tokyo Good Manners Project took a survey asking what people thought of Japanese people’s manners in Tokyo. 70% of foreigners said Tokyoites had good manners! But when they gave Japanese people the same survey, only 24% agreed!

So does that mean everyone in Japan is rude? Not at all! Most people I see in my daily life are super polite, kind, and helpful! But there are a small minority of people who don’t care about the rules and how their behavior affects others. So as you’re watching this video, please keep in mind that these things are not the actions of the majority, but of a very few Japanese people who are just plain rude!

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