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Ohtani Shohei matches Babe Ruth with double-digit wins and homers

NHK -- Aug 11
In Major League Baseball, Japanese two-way star Ohtani Shohei has become the first player in 104 years to achieve double-digit wins and home runs in a single season -- a feat not seen since Babe Ruth.

In Tuesday's game against the Oakland Athletics, the Los Angeles Angels' pitcher and slugger was the starting pitcher and 2nd in the batting order. He had consistent command from the beginning.

He marked 2nd strikeouts of the game in the third inning, and that became his 1000th career strikeout in the Japanese and Major leagues combined.

Ohtani pitched 6 innings. He allowed 4 hits, no earned runs and had five strikeouts.

As a batter, Ohtani slammed his 25th home run of the season in the 7th inning, helping himself on the offensive side.

The Angels beat the Oakland Athletics 5 to 1. This gave Ohtani a historic 10th win of the season as pitcher.

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